About Almácigo 

Almácigo Systems, Inc. is a small business located in Howard County, Maryland. The company was incorporated in January of 2001 by Carlos R. Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez established Almácigo Systems, Inc. after working for the Federal Government for 12 years and helping other very successful consulting firms to get started.

Mr. Rodriguez possesses a degree in Computer Science from the University of Puerto Rico and a Masters of Science degree in Information Systems from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. He brings to the company considerable experience in all aspects of information technology implementation processes for the Federal Government and commercial business entities.

The name Almácigo comes from the name of a tree that grows in Puerto Rico and other tropical areas. Mr. Rodriguez learned from his father how to make model sailboats using the wood of the Almácigo tree as the raw material for the hull of the boats. The wood of the Almácigo tree is very soft and light, almost like balsa wood. The tree's bark is supposed to have some medicinal properties also.
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